Bucks and Doe 10K Slot Overview

Players who prefer to blast stuff up, stalk nature, and blow animals away from the keyboard should check out Bucks and Doe 10K Ways by ReelPlay. ReelPlay’s growing 10K Ways lineup includes this hunting-themed online slot. Since these games have similar features and gameplay, this usually doesn’t raise a pulse. Bucks and Doe 10K Ways reinvents the franchise with one of its most inventive bonus rounds.

Even the concept was inventive. Since we’ve seen Asian variants, Thor, pirates, Irish, and more, Bucks and Doe 10K Ways started on uncharted ground. The base game takes place in a hut in the woods with a barrel of firewood and a rocking rocker, far from the city. The duty is likely to blast deer and put more trophies to the wall as one window has deer horns. Some like it, some don’t. Thank goodness Bucks and Doe 10K Ways isn’t genuine, therefore no animals were hurt in its making.

Like the others in the series, Bucks and Doe 10K Ways has 6 reels with 4 rows and a horizontal reel above it with 4 symbols. As its name implies, this configuration offers 10,000 winning combinations. To win, matching symbols must start on the leftmost reel and land over adjacent reels. Bucks & Doe 10K Ways is a medium-high volatility slot with a hit probability of 1 in 4 and a peak RTP of 96.1% (4 lesser values depending on the market). Bets from 20 p/c to £/€40 and four bonus buy choices are available.

Time and paytable provide 10 usual pays—six low and four high. Deer, elk, moose, and hunter pay 1.5 to 50 times the stake for 6 OAK, while 9-A card rankings pay 0.5 to 1 times. Wild symbols are absent from Bucks and Doe 10K Ways. It has a cascading win mechanic that drops symbols from above to replace winning symbols on the reels.

Bucks & Doe 10K Slot Features

After covering main game extras, let’s go on to the bonus respins round, activated by 3 or more scatter symbols. The bonus round symbol is randomly determined when the feature triggers spontaneously. A single game symbol will land. It might be Deer (1-100x the stake), Elk (1-150x), or Moose (1-200x). Three respins are given, and the scatter rewards are gathered. All spins can land these symbols:

Game icons with reward values.

Ammunition symbols reset spin count to 3.

Hunters aim for all reel rewards.

Bear symbols have 1–3 lifetimes and absorb animal symbols’ values.

Trophy scatter symbols are bronze, silver, gold, or platinum.

Trophy rewards are Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, valued 10x, 50x, 250x, or 2,000x the bet. Only one award can be on the reels. A target floats across the screen when the reels stop. If it shoots a sign, including the bear, its value is gathered and the animal dies. When they die, bears decline. Trophy scatter symbols stay until the feature finishes or are targeted and valued. When respins cease, the complete reward is given.

Buy Bonus

In Bucks and Doe 10K Ways, players may buy four bonuses. These are bonus respins with Deer, Elk, Moose, or a random animal for 55x, 65x, 75x, or 65x the bet.

Bucks and Doe 10K: Slot Results

Before Bucks and Doe 10K Ways, 10K was a bit generic. When a new one came along, we had little anticipation of seeing something fresh. Bucks and Doe 10K Ways altered everything. I think this is the most imaginative yet. First, the concept is unusual. The issue of hunting can divide. Some love it, some hate it. We might argue philosophically for and against it, but this is an internet space, so let’s keep out of it.

Instead, let’s talk about Bucks and Doe 10K Ways’ bonus round, the most innovative ever. First, it has a broad variety of symbols (10K Ways), so the goal isn’t only to land money or additional reward symbols and collect. The target must hover above and shoot rewards to collect them. Bears consume other rewards, hang out on screen, bullets recharge spin count, and there are three levels: Deer, Elk, and Moose. It’s smart, and viewers can see hunters scouting animals from afar and firing them, pleased by Bucks and Doe 10K Ways’ bonus round. Max win is 6,116x bet, the final stat.

However, it may be frustrating. As indicated, landing symbols and gathering their values isn’t easy. Probably similar to hunting frustrations? Missing the shot or having nothing to fire at? Maybe hunters can explain. However, Bucks and Doe 10K Ways was full of surprises, which was surprising after evaluating several 10K Ways slots. To experience a bonus round unlike any other, Bucks and Doe 10K Ways may be worth checking out.






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